Yuri Kane – Right Back

13 03 2010

I was wrong to say I wouldn’t change a thing
‘Cause in the story of our lives, the best of times through colour glass

And if you should call
It’s no trouble, no trouble at all
I’ll take out the sun, back where we begun again

Time goes on enough to let me move on past
But every little now & then it creeps on back to shade my smile

I’m here once again
But I’m deep & I’m feelin’ a pain
So who takes the fall that covers it all again

Put it on the right track, get it right back
A message from my heart it’s too loud to stay apart
So put it on the right track, steal it right back
It’s high time now




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14 03 2010

This tune is absolute amazing ! Yuri Kane made an awesome job !

26 03 2010

awesome track.. cant stop listening to it

2 04 2010

awesome track

27 04 2010

This song makes me feel like no other.

2 05 2010

hey guy could you write the lyric of Ohmna – Balance (How does it feel?) mixed in ASOT 348 for Armin Van Buuren.

I found a lyric but i dont know if there were correctly. Thank you.

She’s eighteen years old
You may be looking, but you can’t get close
Her skin is showin, ’cause it’s cut too low
It’s just to get in her way

She’s five feet four
And with the high heels four inches more
And if you smile
She knows you adore
Temptation awaits…

And now it’s late at night
Morning’s coming, so you’d better hang tight
You might get lucky if you talk just right
You could get your way

But don’t think too hard
Don’t let her fool you ’cause she plays the part
But you’d do anything just to get her anyway

How does it feel?

So baby, how does it feel?
To break every heart
They would die just to get into your arms
And you laugh, and you play
‘Cause it’s all just a game anyways
So tell me, baby
How does it feel
To be where you are
Don’t you know that you’re setting off the alarms
And you’d stop, but you can’t
‘Cause good, too good to be young(?)

How does it feel?

12 05 2010

Great lyrics… unsure of two things though

1st. I’ll take out the sun, back where we begun again
or I’ll ‘paint’ out the sun, back where we begun again
Obviously first makes more sense, but if you listen closely, seems like she is saying paint out… Verify if you want :)

2nd. But I’m deep & I’m feelin’ a pain
or ‘And I’m dealin” & I’m feelin’ a pain
Pretty sure of this one tho… makes more sense also

‘With’ a message from my heart it’s too loud to stay apart?
Peace and great song

23 06 2010

GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 08 2010

i love this song…!!!!
around you is another awsiome song from youri…. chek it out!

10 09 2010

its a message from my heart, its too loud to stay apart :)

4 10 2010

this rocks!!! one of my favourite!!!

7 12 2010
ToXic Blonde

Thanks for this site!!!!

13 12 2010

I’m almost 100% sure she sings “The message from my heart is too loud to stay apart” which makes a whole lot more sense.

19 01 2011

just check the official video clip, it has the lyrics in it.

12 02 2011

thanx for the site& that song is awsome BTW.

5 03 2011

love this song!!!!

22 03 2011
Marcio Oliveira


22 03 2011
Marcio Oliveira


12 06 2011

Get It Right Back.:)

13 09 2011

My favourite laid back tune at the moment. love it!

31 12 2011

most beautiful trance song ever

12 06 2012

thank you for creating such as a site

22 06 2012

really touchy wonderful song now my no1 fav.trance song……

31 08 2012

wow,I was searching for that really thanks..my eyes got wet,so deep..

5 01 2013

this lyric needs some corrections… :3 great, awesome song!!!

6 01 2013

Epic trance ever

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