Nic Chagall feat Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment (Prog Mix)

27 06 2009

I’ve been runnin’ on, runnin’ on empty
For way too many miles now
I’ve been flying with broken wings

And now I’m falling faster to the ground

And it’s a bitter end to a story so sweet
Like a long lost friend that’s never found a way back to me
And I can’t deny these memories got me all locked up inside
And you hold the key

All that I need is this moment
To send me away with a smile on my face
I tried to leave but I turn back
On my heart remains a trace
All that I seek is this moment
All day in my mind I recreate
If there was a way to get back
This feeling of chase, of chase

All that I need is this moment
This moment…



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14 07 2009

listened this @asot ,and was searchin’ for the lyrics.
thank you!

16 07 2009

Trance should NOT have lyrics. This ain’t Top 40, I don’t want to be distracted by lyrics while listening to trance.

16 07 2009

@Stano ; this is your taste of music. on the contrary i like lyrics. lyrics are important 4 me, coz i imagine they’re telling their stories.

17 07 2009

Sometimes, a trance song isn’t only the melody whiout lyrics.. some tracks need lyrics or, do u imagine Sounlanger’s Lost without lyrics?? is not possible =P so, sometimes a track needs lyrics.. and this track have good lyrics.. it’s amazing [make me happy everytime that i listen it =D]

24 07 2009

I love you because you made that site!


27 07 2009

@Stano…Then only listen to trance without vocals, there’s plenty of it! The lyrics define this song.

6 08 2009

lyrics give trance music life and are calming.. i even fast forward to the lyrics!

26 08 2009

Geesh…all that i need baby…..lyrics…..


19 09 2009

a smile on my face :))

much love much love!!!


23 09 2009

can anyone help me find a copy of this song? couldnt seem to download it from anywhere

24 09 2009

I got it.. if you want it

2 10 2009

trance is beautiful with or without lyrics! having lyrics in some trance tracks help encourage people who are in bad situations to be stronger. I’ve been through hard times & trance saved me. This track is beautiful & i thank whoever who posted this :) Keep on raving!

3 10 2009

u damn rite spaankee ,,, same here!! trace always saaved me through hard times.


keep it faaaast keep on traceeee ……….

3 10 2009

u damn rite spaankee ,,, same here!! trace always saaved me through hard times.


keep it faaaast keep on tranceeee ……….

19 10 2009

Hey! Thanks a bunch for putting up these lyrics. Such a great track by Nic.

I’ve been a lover of trance music for years, mainly of the progressive-tribal genre. But I’m a new fan of Jonathan Mendelsohn when I heard his track Survival by Way Out West.

I have a request: could you be do the lyrics for it too? I’d greatly appreciate it! I tried it myself but there are one or two lines I’m stuck on:

7 11 2009

This track is what feelings in music is all about.
Thank you for this blessing.

21 11 2009

great vocal! i love it ^^

9 01 2010

Suchhhhh a lovely track , i can hear all day

24 01 2010
cosmic gate

one of my fave vocal trance songs of all time along with “find yourself”, “every other way” and “burned with desire”

14 05 2011

I really like it=))) Does anybody have original of this track?=))

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