Rex Mundi feat Susana – Nothing At All

3 04 2009

This morning comes a step too soon
A lonely gaze, an empty room
You’re a far cry, a distant memory
But something inside of me always knew this:
I’d be standing here without you

As if nothing’s happened
As if nothing’s wrong
The world seems to move on
The world carries on

I’ll starve for your love
Hungry I fall
As if nothing’s happened
Nothing at all

Nothing at all
Nothing at all




10 responses

29 05 2009

Great track. Vocals work very well for the track.

8 06 2009

Great track, simply amazing!!!

14 06 2009
Porsche Babe

Amazing track, that reaches your soul……………..

27 06 2009
Apollo XIII

The most powerful track! Тever tires of them admire… )

14 09 2009
Juan Said

Simply amazing track! My favorite song of Rex Mundi

15 10 2009

Damn, these lyrics touch the soul. Right at a moment where this shit is happening to me… Well, at least I’m not the only one so it seems… And the picture of Suzanna on the web: wauw! What a babe!

28 12 2009
Ferit ilker senger



10 01 2010
R. McAllen

Totally compelled sith this song… feeling this right now…

10 06 2010
Anishca's Blog

[…] Rex Mundi feat Susana – Nothing At All […]

17 10 2011

insane song, now I love Her more and more…

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