Sunlounger feat Zara – Lost

24 08 2008

Forget the peace inside
You’ve given way to the gods of destruction
Full of desire
You feel afraid that there’s nothing left

Oh oh, oh no
Oh oh, oh no

The ocean is dry
Do you feel hollow?
Nowhere to hide
And nothing to swallow

And when you can’t recognize
Anything solid
Where do you turn?
When you can’t buy it?

What can you believe in now
With no love to follow?
Now that you have lost yourself
Oh, can anything help you now?

Just let your fears go
You might find your way back home
Let your fears go
You might find that you’re not lost

Just let your fears go
You might find your way back home
Let your fears go
You might find that you’re not lost

What did you learn?
What was it worth?
What did you yearn for?
Everything’s lost now

And not alone and not alone
And not alone and not alone
And not alone and not alone
And not alone and not alone

Just let your fears go
You might find your way back home
Let your fears go
You might find that you’re not lost

Just let your fears go
You might find your way back home
Let your fears go
You might find that you’re not lost



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28 08 2008
mhamad chaddad

awesome lyrics! really it is the tune of this year.
thanks for the lyrics

29 08 2008

Supported! The tune of the year 100%!

29 08 2008

awsome!, this song it’s beautifull, lyrics too.

30 08 2008

awesome tuune! love it!
and great lyrics too!

2 09 2008

i hope this gets remixed! i mean the original is great on it’s own, but i would like to see what other people’s takes are on this brilliant track.

27 09 2008

song of the year!!!
armin rocks

1 10 2008

Kick-ass song (of the year)!

25 10 2008

What hell armin van burren has to do whit that song

Darkside retarded

9 11 2008

Great song!! Armin did a great job a remixing the song!

15 11 2008
Juan Sebastian

Armin rocks?????

He is Roger Shah as Sunlounger!!!

5 12 2008

this song is amazing,
pure amazing.

10 12 2008

This is a hot song……

15 12 2008
Lost and Found

[…] There is a track titled ‘Lost’ by Sunlounger (featuring Zara). It is a fantastic song, and the lyrics have been stuck in my head for the past two days. This is the […]

17 12 2008
Tjok Agung Vidyaputra

cool blog, awesome song, keep this blog alive…. thx

19 12 2008
Gilberto Alviso


21 12 2008

Yes.. It is the tune of the year with 6278 Votes… Awesome!!

21 12 2008

100% tune of the year

21 12 2008

but he is not armin …mix by shah

23 12 2008

“Roger P Shah” He’s a friggin genius if you ask me, the sunny tales album ownz

23 12 2008

ohh ohhhhh ohohhoh

telibekúrtúl nagy zene!!

yes shah can! :D

24 12 2008

tune of the year :D ….. amazing

24 12 2008

awesome track !!! ;) ! exelnt quality .. 22k :P !

28 12 2008

great relaxing-chilled song.

28 12 2008

Armin says that everyone who listen this song for the first time has loved it. And he is right. Great song!

30 12 2008

I love this song. After reading the lyrics though the first thing that popped into my head was drug addiction.

“And nothing to swallow”
“Where do you turn”
“When you cant buy it”

Possibly ecstacy or something? Maybe talking about someone whose life was ruined by drugs.

2 01 2009

For me, this is the greatest trance song of 2008. Love this track so much!

5 01 2009

This is the number 1 track of the year from a state of trance episode 383

6 01 2009

Amazing tune. Amazing vocals. Amazing DJ. Met him in Goa. very nice, down to earth guy!

9 01 2009

yea the lyrics are straight from montreal.

10 01 2009

great work for dj shaaah as armin saidd :D:D

14 01 2009

Sunlounger is great!!! and all the State of Trance 2008

15 01 2009

great job, nice track, good lyric, the best of this year and next

29 01 2009

armin is great ii love you lost

1 02 2009

Sans mots!!!

1 02 2009

This song has nothing to do with fucking drugs. This is about being lost, feeling empty and that nothing has meaning anymore. Being afraid of facing the world. “Just let your fears go, you might find your way back home”.
As in find a way back to who you used to be, or should be.
Really deep and touching lyrics on this song. Superb tune.

7 02 2009

Most excellent choooom right there.

9 02 2009
your father!!

who the fuck is sunlounger, suks!!!!!

9 02 2009
your father!!

who the fuck is sunlounger!!! it sucks!!!

13 02 2009

I lo ve this song, well is more that just a song for me. ;)

15 02 2009

i have no words for this song… is such a great!!!! i love it!!! sunlounger is good, good:D and i love songs of armin van buuren and Dj shah!! they are the best team ever:D

26 02 2009

i love this songgggggggggg, u wanna look Markus Schulz playing it?
go to my channel
this song is playing Markus in video 1/3

seeya and subscribe to my channel

2 03 2009

I love that voice.

3 03 2009

yep its true the first time i’ve heard it i loved it :)

28 03 2009
trance addict

can u please tell me a website wich i can download trance songs for free!??

6 04 2009

This song is class i loved it but the aly & fila remix is beta but a great song wit good vocals :)

1 05 2009

awsome… of the best…!!!

1 05 2009

best of the best…nr 1 top trance

1 05 2009

am i alone???

10 05 2009
jumps bond

great tune!

10 05 2009
watch episode

power tune

12 05 2009
Laura DeLonge

I lov this song!!! :D

20 05 2009

awesome song

16 06 2009


4 07 2009
Mayank Shah

I Love This Song …!

Best To Get Away From Your Lonlyness……….!

4 07 2009
Mayank Shah

Really The Best Tune ………………….! wid Good Lyrics

15 07 2009

Yes Armin Is Invloved.
Its In The Album A State Of Trance.Armin Has Done The Song.
i Know My Trance [:

15 07 2009

Not Armin Did The Song.Sunlonguer Did [ Or How You Spell It ]
& Its In A State Of Trance

30 07 2009

Awesome songs, and insane lyrics!! A lot of great songs like La Guitarra were contenders, but this song deserves to be right at the top. Trance4life!

1 08 2009

Thanx alot mate…

19 08 2009

Probably has to do with the comedown

5 09 2009

Brilliant tune and lyric … also try “Change Your Mind” by Sunlounger feat Kyler England~

14 09 2009

one of my favourite tune!! :)

14 09 2009

i kinda feel bad for the angry dude (jones) screaming about how this song is not about drugs. first of all this beautiful song could be about whatever you want it to be. for a lot of people that is obviously drugs; nothing to swallow? when you can’t buy it? hey jones, this probably isn’t about getting lost in the mall when you’re five. it’s probably about becoming lost in life when your only pleasure comes from a pill bottle, then you stop for whatever reason (arrest, rehab, hospitalization, alienation, etc) and get to experience the confusion and depression of anhedonia. i’ve seen this happen to close friends, and it’s very sad.

in any case Lost is a beautiful composition, the music and the words. the vocals are filled with beauty and sadness as well. i’ve heard 3 or 4 excellent remixes, i love them all. peace. love. unity. respect.

26 09 2009

My people, lost and found…I love you all. I love all your ideas and thoughts about the meaning of this song. Thank you for taking the time to truly listen to my heart’s thoughts. For me, ‘Lost’ was about being lost deep in my heart, living on the dark side of my soul, feeling broken in my spirit and not recognizing myself anymore. It’s about the inability to medicate pain with drugs, booze, bling, sex….and the only thing that can save you and bring you back into the light is that survivor strength only the spirit knows. It’s trust, faith, god, LOVE, whatever you want to call it, I call it LOVE and it’s inside, it’s above, it’s all around! I hope you will all love my follow up to ‘Lost’ with DJ Shah called ‘Found’……”with you I’m never lost just found”. xoxo Zara

26 09 2009

ps. ‘Lost’ was written because MUSIC brings LIGHT.

17 10 2009

it moves me not only on the dance floor but also in my mind…love the beat, vocal and lyric…it’s simply the answer to the que. I’ve been asking myself. And it helps:D…

3 11 2009

I love this song!
And I love this site!
Thank you for making it!….

3 11 2009

The song is realy full of power and light!

21 11 2009

This Track is so awesome! It’s like a perfect harmony between melody and vocals. With every time i hear this song, it goes deeper and deeper to my heart!

7 01 2010

DJ Shah (Sunlounger) is great!!! I love this song!! also Crawling is great!!!

23 02 2010

esoteric lyrics. amazing song.

1 03 2010

I cant blast this song loud enough!!! I love it

2 03 2010

This tune is awesome! I’ve loved it since I first heard it back in ’08 & I still have it as a regular on my iPod now! There are a couple good remixes out now, Aly & Fila have produced an epic one (as usual!) and there’s also one by Andrelli & Blue Thousand Lighters which has a proper good tune to it! The vocals give me goosebumps still to this day, truly brilliant.

9 03 2010

i’d hit this piece of masterpiece, guys.i luuuuuuuuvvv it, really. agreeing with mi amigo(Dunbar),this song’s about damn drugs & i’ve been recently starting weed smoking!!!! if u ask me, THIS SONG’S FUCKING LIFE WHEN STONED, DUDES.

2 04 2010

I love ZARA- beautiful vocalist and wonderfully deep and touching-
I have stated this on her myspace (Zara’s Dance Music Page) comments and she actually replied to me :) not just a thank you blah blah blah- but she answered as if she really got the meaning of my comment.
But what I said to her, what I got from this song was… if you’re loved- you can never be Lost :) somehow the connection brought out the fact I once was an orphan till I was adopted. :) and the song somehow made me feel shameless of the fact :)

If ur wondering about the Panda it’s just cuz I want to be incognito :)

So if you think this song is one of the greatest then what the heck do you say about her other song? “

18 04 2010

hey guys,i’m outta smoking weed!
now i understand what did these verses want to mean, and i had closed my fuckin’ eyes.
anyway, i’ve quit.
hey panda,what’s the name of de song u babble about?

3 06 2010

hi , i love this song. i used ur lyric in my blog
good weblog , i’ll visit it later again ;)

5 06 2010

im wondering if sum 1 have heared dis song while getting drunk.believe me u r goin 2 get lost

9 06 2010

One of my alltime favorite tracks.

Armin dropped this in Seattle last week. The show was going really well but when I heard the first notes of this song it went through the roof, it was one of those moments where everything is perfect. It was my first time seeing him live and I was hoping to hear something classic. Well he came up with spades and made my night unforgettable.

I love you Zara and maybe I will get to hear Armin drop Found at EDC in a couple weeks xD

22 07 2010

Love this Tune one of my all time favorites! Has anyone heard found? It’s great too! I’m getting lyrics from it tattooed on my wrist. “With you I’m never lost I’m always found” x

31 01 2011

czemu nie:)

30 05 2011

great track, great lyrics…. dont really like armins rendition tho, he seems to suck the soul off of the song, redundant overbearing ‘climax’…. music is a process, kinda like foreplay before the sex….

5 07 2012

timeless song
best ever for ever

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