Armin van Buuren feat Jacqueline Govaert – Never Say Never

1 05 2008

Stay with me
Won’t you wait for me
Care for me
And never say never

You’re in my flesh and bone
Where ever you go I’m home
I’ll follow you

You’re in my head
In my heart
In my soul
Like the air I breathe

You’re in my head
In my heart
In my soul
Like the air I breathe

Yes you’re my favourite need

I’ll follow you
I’ll follow you

When everything seems lost
I’m stuck and falling down
You will guide me home
So promise me

You’ll stay with me
Won’t you wait for me
Care for me
And never say never

No never say never again
No never say never again




31 responses

17 06 2008

niceeeeeee one .. TNX

5 07 2008

I looooooove it =)

7 07 2008

best song on Imagine album, im my opinion.

9 09 2008

god bless this song!!!

20 09 2008

What an amazing track. Respect, Armin! Keep up the good work!

21 09 2008

Unreal. I love it, Armin is the best!!

25 09 2008

my fav track on the album too ..
great lyrics ..great tune !
no wonder armin is the number one dj in the world !!

8 11 2008

Imagine is AWESOME!!

18 11 2008

indeed a very good sound but i think the track ”fine without you” are the best sound on IMAGINE

3 12 2008

Thanks for the lyrics, i love the song ;_;

See ya ^_^

6 12 2008

This song is so damn beautiful, and the lyrics are good too.
Good tune/good lyric. Keep up the good work Armin!

28 01 2009
Red fan

Imagine is da best album by ARMIN!!! love it

9 03 2009

so niicceee!!!crazible song!!!

26 04 2009

Greats, Thank 4 the lyric :-)

Love this track…?? Check out Yet another day – Armin ft ray wilson (riva rmx) !!

You will love it :-o

16 06 2009
CarlhÖos V. B.

Oh!.. i lOo♥ve this sÖoonG!!!!! is AMAZING!!!! wooooow Armin is really the bEst, i love this world is watching me too hee (=xD

5 07 2009

This song is perfect, but in my opinion the songs: In and out of love and Fine without you are the best!
Good work, Armin!!!!!!!

12 07 2009
CarlhÖos V. B.

Armin is Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!

5 10 2009


13 11 2009

Awesome lyric and tune but in my opinion In and out of Love is the best. God bless this albume!!

21 11 2009

is the better music

9 01 2010

check Omnia Remix :)

21 01 2010

one of MY fav trance songs !!! … just amazingg !! =D love it .. love armin !!

11 05 2010
alicia gutierez

para mi… una de las mejores rolas de armin, mejor letra mejor trance…. wow!! me enloquece…

11 05 2010
Leo egypt

I hear this song all time
And i make all my friend also hear it all time…. If there is something call best( you mean this song)
If there is someone best ( armin is the best )

19 06 2010
DJ Storm

I love this song in the start until about middle. The repeat sequence of daa da dee dee dee was bland and I think Armin being the producer that he is could have done much more. I made a song like this but changed it so it did more. Again I think Armin could have done more…

2 11 2010
Andy van buuren

Best song of Armin! Jacqueline is simply amazing… Great voice. Great soul. Great Heart ! I dream of Ibiza summer when i heard this spectacular song…

6 11 2010

I just love it!

23 12 2010

Only 1 word to describe it ……. EPIC :D

21 04 2011

hello to every one!!

I love this song !!! The letter is beautiful, When I hear this song gives me great strength and energy to my heart, and to go ahead …..

22 01 2012

Super !1!@rmin van Buuren!!1… Life T..rance
like me this …..

28 10 2012
Denise Veerman

This song brings back so many good, nice and happy memories of special moments.

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