Dirty Dot – Heart Of Pain (Monogato’s Funk ‘n Trance Mix)

22 01 2008

Even though
I’ll wait a little longer
I’ll wait until dawn, yeah
Even though
I’m too late
And I said
Even though
You’re comin’ on stronger
You won’t cure this heart of pain
No I can’t re-arrange
Nothin’ saved
Nothin’ left
Always feel this way



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22 01 2008


23 01 2008

Haha, brilliant!

29 01 2008

maaaaaaaaaaaddd trak! nice one

29 01 2008



4 02 2008
Colleen Kelly

Hi, I’m the vocalist on Dirty Dot’s “Heart of Pain”. The lyrics and melody were written by Alexander Perls (originally for a 4 Strings song that never saw a full release). Here’s the exact words:

Even though
I’ll wait a little longer
I’ll wait until dawn, yeah
even though
i’m too late
and I said
even though
you’re comin’ on stronger
you won’t cure this heart of pain
no i can’t re-arrange
nothin’ saved
nothin’ left
always feel this way

12 02 2008

wow, i hate vocals in my trance, very few tracks in my 15 years of trance consumption has a vocal caught my ear the way this one did, nor do i ever post comments but this one is well deserved. Miss Coleen Kelly, you have an incredible voice on this mighty wicked track, to everyone involved, thank you for a small slice of perfection…….

15 02 2008
Colleen Kelly

Dear Stratag, thank you so much for your kind comment above. I am very honred and humbled. Thanks to everyone who has commented. MUCH LOVE!!! Colleen

22 02 2008

Simply amazing….so brilliant….I can’t find words to the describe the beauty of this track

25 02 2008

This song is sick! So freaking awesome! Can’t stop listening to it!! <3

28 02 2008

Great song … Great voice … Luv it :X:X:X

9 03 2008

release date? wicked song!!!

16 03 2008

Really nice vocals on this one. Lyrics are quite straight and the voice is powerful. Well done =) !

8 04 2008
Forcemeat (RUS)

I’m realy has fallen in love on this magnificent tune….

18 04 2008

its my boyfriend
!! its a great song!!!!!!!

4 06 2008

THis is the most incredible magical and perfect tune I heard lately… I just cant stop listening to it! I love you COleen {} :)

4 06 2008

AMAZING! When is the release coming?

5 06 2008

Already out on Beatport, Audiojelly, Juno, etc..

2 06 2011

been listening to heart of pain on you tube , put with a dive video of a blue fin tuna– i am a deep free diver and your song, absolutely blew my mind, with the most powerful, trance ,, would love for you to contact me

21 07 2011

supper one…

22 11 2011
vikash jain


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